Dry Firewood on palet


Welcome to our website!

On these webpages you can find information about choosing the right firewood to use for your wood stove, fire-place, soap-stone stove, Pizza-Oven... look in the menu on the right side on 'Kind of wood'

On the "information" page, you can read why we offer dry wood, some tips on how to stack your wood, how to make a fire, firewood and the environment, treatment of burns and what to do if you have a chimney fire.

We offer dry firewood (Ash) on pallets for purchase.
This wood can be delivered to you, or you can collect it yourself at our premisies (after appointment). You can also find the 'Prices' here online. These are VAT inclusif and also delivery in a specific area in Brabant and Brussels. On the same page you are able to find the available stock.

Don't forget to order the ecological firelighters K-Lumet® , kindling wood and/or de-icing salt together with your firewood !!

Now, go through these pages and we hope to meet you soon.


Didier and Els



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