Kinds of wood


The best woods for burning?

That depends on how you will use it. Is it for: the wood stove/ the fire-place/ the Pizza-Oven/ the Insert/ the Soapstone woodstove/ the Barbecue,…
The one prefers a beautiful flame (sphere) while the other prefers a high output.

Underneath you can find the explanation:

Hardwoods (Ash, Oak, Beech) provide long burning and good "coaling" qualities. A bed of ashes underneath the grate produces steady heat and aids in igniting new fuel as it is added. Best burning woods in terms of a hot and longer burn time.

Softwoods (Birch, Alder) tend to burn faster and leave a finer ash.

Conifer wood
Pine burns too hot, leaves a lot of creosote in your chimney, and can send burning embers into the room.


Type incinerator:
- Fireplace, inserts : hardwood
- Soap-stone stove, Fin-stove, pizza-oven,... : Conifer and softwood
- Little, modern stoves : mixed wood

Listed below are the different characteristics for each kind of wood:

- Beautiful flame
- Burns well even if it's not that dry
- Smells good
- Burns easy
- Good warmth
- Thermal values: 4.2 kWh/kg, 2100 kWh/stère

- Excellent fire-wood
- Unsurpassed burning time
- Flames not so beautiful
- Must absolutely be dry (because of the presence of tannic acid that can only be burned at high temperatures)
- Gives off lots of ash-> glows a long time
- Burns slow, warm flame, minimal smoke
- High Thermal values: 4.2kWh/kg, 2100 kWh/stère
- Less suited as kindling
- Natural time for drying: 2 to 3 years!
- Good for pizza-oven (but use kindling!)

- Classic firewood.
- Burns beautifully (big and regular flame), good, slow and long
- High capacity of warmth
- Strong kind of wood with high thermal values 4.2 kWh/kg, 2100kWh/Stère
- Less suited as kindling


- Clean combustion, not much oxygen
- High capacity of warmth
- Beautiful flames
- Bark and twigs are good kindling
- Burns quickly
- High blaze up fire
- Usually used for making fire or to blow the coals
- Thermal values: 4.3kWh/kg, 1900 kWh/stère
- Lighter kind of wood
- Quick combustion= quick warmth
- Burns much faster than Oak, Ash and Beech
- Suitable for accumulation stoves or soap-stone stove
- Thermal values: 4.1kWh/kg, 1500 kWh/stère
- Must be dead and bone-dry otherways it is not suitable!
- Gives long lasting embers
- Not recommended


- Burns only when it's bone-dry, terrible smell (dirty air)
- Not strong, not durable
- Not much warmth
- Not recommended

- Must be quite dry
- Best use it with other kinds of wood
- Not much warmth

- Burns very badly and not suited for making fire
- Not recommended

- Fine branches from below are good as kindling
- Burns quickly-> few ashes
- The hot ashes are ideal to roast potatoes or to bake bread above
- Burns quickly and clear
- Leaves a lot of creosote in your chimney
– not recommended
- Dead branches serve as kindling
- Burns quickly-> few ashes
- Leaves a lot of creosote in your chimney
– not recommended
- Sparkles a lot and is not suited as firewood!



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