The firelighter K-LUMET®




What is K-Lumet®?

K-Lumet® is a fantastic product! It is the best way to start the fireplace and barbecue, you don't need kindling wood anymore!

Is K-Lumet® a social product?

Yes, because when you buy the firelighter from K-Lumet®, you support Den Ateljee vzw in Wezemaal. It's an activity center for adults with physical disabilities - with priority to people who became disabled by illness or accident later in life. These people make the firelighters.

Is K-Lumet® an ecological product?

Absolutely! It consists entirely of recycled material. It is composed of 4parts:

- Wastes of wood (including wood from pallets)
- Rolls of toilet paper or householdpaper
- A wick
- Leftovers of old candle wax

Are there any other benefits on K-Lumet®?

The time of combustion is 12 à 15min.
It's a natural product, gives no odor and is not toxic!
It doesn't paste, gives no dust and is very easy to use.

How many cubes are in one box?

In one box are 16 K-Lumet® ecological firelighters. All this for the very democratic price of € 6,00. You can collect a box with us or we can deliver it together with your firewood. Then you have everything in house for a cosy evening around the fireplace..


16 pieces = € 6.00


Movie on YouTube french:

Website DenAteljee:

Article Newspapaer 'Het Nieuwsblad' 22/11/2011 (dutch):

Article Monique Swinnen - Councillor of the province Vlaams-Brabant (dutch)

Picture of the team from DenAteljee:

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